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Artist Tracy Ferron created Life on Earth Art in 2018 to provide a platform of healing through art. Our unique approach fuses community artmaking, art therapy, large-scale art experiences and activism. We invite people to make paper mache winged hearts and be a part of something big, beautiful and impactful. We use these hearts in installations, social protests and public rituals. Life on Earth Art is an engine of uplift, connectivity and healing.

Our current work is Unbound: 

Hospital patients, therapists, and staff will soon witness a 60 ft. living sculpture composed of hundreds of winged hearts flying free from an antique birdcage. Unbound transforms a hall in one of California’s largest psychiatric hospitals in Napa into an evocative space of healing, creativity, and wonder.

Life on Earth Art hosts the public to participate in this unique collaboration with DHS-Napa to co-create over 1000 paper mâché hearts that grow ever larger, from 9 inches to 9 feet, as they soar through Napa State’s 100-foot recreational hall. Napa’s patients and the public attend separate workshops with the shared intention to unite, create, and heal.

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