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The goal is to amplify compassion, for self, for others, and for the planet.

The Life on Earth Art project explores social injustice and the healing of trauma using the symbology of winged hearts and cages to explore human rights and issues of imprisonment and liberation in our society.
Community art-making inspires connectivity and transformation. Come join us and bring your friends as we co-create art for large-scale installations, protests and public rituals to ignite societal change.
Be a part of healing art in action for our upcoming installation! Unbound debuts Fall 2021 at Napa State Hospital, one of California’s largest psychiatric hospitals.  Life on Earth Art invites you to a unique art-making opportunity that brings healing art to some of the most vulnerable in our society.

The Life on Earth Art Series offers three large-scale art installations to tour. At the center of each exhibit is a different cage, offering the audience a particular visceral experience of imprisonment or liberation.

The works are titled: The Spell, Spellbound, and Unbound. Together they explore what it means to be human on this planet right now.  What spells do we operate under?  Which do we see and which are invisible? How do we break the spells that hold us back?


Our mission is to inspire connectivity, healing, and transformation through art-making workshops, community ritual and response and art installations.
We offer both personal expressive art workshops, along with heart-making for social justice workshops.

Girls holding paper mache hearts
Making paper mache
Girls making art

The Life on Earth Art Project tours large-scale installations with expressive arts therapy and social justice workshops.

Life on Earth Art currently has three large caged heart installations to tour and over 100 winged hearts that range in size from 3 ft to 15 ft. In the accompanying workshops, groups explore issues of social justice and personal healing as they make paper mâché winged hearts together. Tracy founded Pagan Baby, her multimedia arts production company, dedicated to creating art that promotes a paradigm of love over fear.

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Life on Earth Art is growing in many exciting new ways.