Collaboration with Renowned Stained Glass Artist, Larry Brookins


Upon finishing The Spell, Ferron was faced with the tough decision how to first exhibit this cage made of money. “Anything you put inside the cage gets invested with enormous symbolic power, so how do I begin??,” Ferron asked. While she plans to have the installation change and evolve depending upon the social issues it is highlighting—for the initial installation, Ferron envisions a 5-ft jewel-colored stained glass earth, slowly revolving and shining brightly.  She says this was inspired by a trip to Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame in Paris in 2019.

Little did Ferron know that less than 20 miles away from her maker space in Petaluma, Larry Brookins of Lost Art Glassworks had been making large-scale stained glass globes since the 1970s.  Ferron shared with Larry the purpose of The Spell, to intrigue and inspire discussion about our imprisoning global paradigm.  Together Larry, Tracy and her Pagan Baby team are working to design a 5-ft stained glass globe—one that is not exactly traditional but abstracted and modified to represent the future of our planet.  The team is researching different historical globes, maps and ways of representing the world to create an arresting, unique globe for the center of TheSpell.

Ferron is looking for a non-profit partner to fiscally sponsor this project. Details of fundraising events to come!

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