The Spell

8 ft x 8 ft
Wood, steel, paper, resin, metal coins, glass

The Spell is a formidable 8-ft square wooden cage with old rusted bars. The cage is completely covered in paper money with a coin floor.  The original display of this cage will feature a vibrant 4-ft stained glass earth, which is glowing from within and revolving.

Artist Statement

The Spell is my artistic representation of the worldview destroying the planet. It is a snapshot of where we are today. Money is not inherently bad but lust for money and unbridled capitalism, which put profits before people, is killing us.  In this artwork, the sacred earth is trapped in a paradigm based on fear, scarcity, hierarchy, and greed. This belief system is the “Spell.”  The only door on the cage is far too small for the whole earth to escape but this cage actually has no ceiling.  So the earth is held in place by our collective spell and it is up to us to find a way to break that spell together.

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