The Activist Heart


The Activist Heart debuted at the Museum of Sonoma County—honoring fallen human rights activists around the world for Dia de Los Muertos 2019 and was enlisted in October 2020 for the Women’s March Sacramento rally to bring awareness to historic women of color who championed voting rights.  

This heart, which has the Universal Declaration of Human Rights emblazoned on its wings, is designed to feature seven activists in its lightboxes and can be custom tailored to your cause. Audiences are invited to interact with the heart by writing wishes or messages to the heart, which they ‘post’ through a vintage mail slot on the back. Perfect to illuminate any call for justice or to elicit audience engagement.

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Life on Earth Art Installations are intended to tour communities and facilitate personal and collective healing. The installations include elements that invite audience participation and we offer two types of art-making workshops to further engage communities in dialogue and healing.

We view the central art installations as starting platforms to ignite social connection, discussion, and art-making and are excited to collaborate with local artists and leaders to tailor each installation to site-specific topics around justice and healing.
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