The Signature Series: Breaking the Spell

The Spell, Spellbound, and Unbound explore what it means to be human on this planet right now. Imagine standing inside an 8-ft jail cell covered in money and coin or visiting a 15-ft winged heart caught in a mesmerizing spherical steel cage.  Witness the escape of hundreds of winged hearts flooding from a small birdcage, hearts that grow exponentially in size as they fly to freedom. And ask: What spells are we operating under? Which do we see and which are invisible? How do we break the spells that are holding us back? These installations are the starting point for Life on Earth Art’s community healing work. The cages investigate trauma, tyranny, and captivity, and prompt inquiry into our world's inner and outer cages.

Art in Action Series:
The Incarcerated Heart and the Activist Heart

The Incarcerated Heart and The Activist Heart were created for specific social justice movements and may be customized for special events, rallies, and more. Highly interactive and engaging, these works challenge us to explore our personal wishes, our darkest fears, and our global hopes.

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