12 ft spherical cage and two small mechanical boxes to power it revolving
Winged Heart
15 ft wingtip to wingtip, 5 ft high
Paper, foam, wood, fabric
Spellbound is a 12-ft spherical steel cage which casts mysterious beautiful shadows as it slowly revolves.  This cage looks like an Earth which has fallen off its axis and is beginning to collapse into the ground.  Audience members can slip between the bars of the cage and have the mesmerizing experience of standing inside.  

Spellbound is designed to easily pop-up in locations, quickly assembled.  Its original presentation is with a 15-ft winged heart, trapped inside.  It can also be exhibited with twelve large winged hearts, which range in size from 6-9 ft.
Artist Statement
Spellbound is a provocative metaphor for modern life. In an Earth that has fallen off its axis and is collapsing, the heart of humanity is trapped, cut off from the head which has run violently amok. Fear, brutality, and systemic injustice dominate a world ruled by hierarchy and greed.  This caged winged heart symbol shocks our system to bear witness to our reality and to question the ways in which we are trapped – personally and collectively.
When I stand inside the cage, something powerful happens inside my body. I feel activated, like I’m humming. The cage is both profoundly beautiful and horrific and this is the paradox of human existence.
Spellbound is designed to offer myriad opportunities for audience engagement and specifically for different groups to explore issues of imprisonment and liberation. We are excited for local artists, writers, dancers, performers to use this cage as a springboard to explore issues of social justice and build community.
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Spellbound HeartSpellbound Cage and HeartSpellbound Cage and HeartSpellbound Cage ConceptGirls with Spellbound Cage and Hearts
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Life on Earth Art Installations are intended to tour communities and facilitate personal and collective healing. The installations include elements that invite audience participation and we offer two types of art-making workshops to further engage communities in dialogue and healing.

We view the central art installations as starting platforms to ignite social connection, discussion, and art-making and are excited to collaborate with local artists and leaders to tailor each installation to site-specific topics around justice and healing.
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