2.5 ft w x 3.5 ft h x
15 in d
Paper, paint, foam
At the center of this planned large installation is a small vintage birdcage, out of which dozens of winged hearts are flying to freedom, swarming in formation through the gallery. This is a visceral celebration of liberation.  The hearts inside the cage have desiccated black and white wings and as the hearts fly free, they not only grow larger and larger but their wings begin to attain color and become brighter and more vibrant and patterned, ending in rainbow. The winged hearts begin at 4 inches wide and end at 9 ft.  This installation is designed to be combined with our art-making workshops so that participants co-create the finished exhibit.  As Unbound tours, it will include winged hearts from many groups and geographic areas.
Artist Statement
One enters the gallery and upon seeing Unbound they feel this sense of liberation in their body. Celebration and relief hit them in the chest.  Unbound is the third cage in the series—a resolution to the imprisonment of The Spell and Spellbound. Unbound is a portal, through which boundless love enters the world, ever expanding, the winged hearts soar through the gallery prompting questions of “How can I fly so free?,” “What is holding me back?,” “How can we all fly together?”
Artwork Gallery
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Unbound ConceptUnbound Cage ModelUnbound Cage ModelMaking Unbound Cage
Bring Us to Your Community
Life on Earth Art Installations are intended to tour communities and facilitate personal and collective healing. The installations include elements that invite audience participation and we offer two types of art-making workshops to further engage communities in dialogue and healing.

We view the central art installations as starting platforms to ignite social connection, discussion, and art-making and are excited to collaborate with local artists and leaders to tailor each installation to site-specific topics around justice and healing.
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