Art Offerings

The Life on Earth Art Series offers three large-scale art exhibitions to tour. At the center of each exhibit is a different cage, offering the audience a particular visceral experience of imprisonment or liberation. The works are titled: The Spell, Spellbound, and Unbound.  Together they explore what it means to be human on this planet right now.  What spells do we operate under?  Which do we see and which are invisible? How do we break the spells that hold us back?
Imagine being inside an 8-ft jail cell covered in money and coin and seeing a luminous stained glass earth revolving, trapped behind its rusted age-old bars.  Visit a 15-ft winged heart caught in a mesmerizing spherical steel cage.  Witness the escape of hundreds of winged hearts flooding from a small birdcage and growing exponentially in size as they fly to freedom through the gallery.
These installations are the starting point for Life on Earth Art’s community healing work.  The cages prompt inquiry into the inner and outer cages in our society.
The Life on Earth Art Gallery
Life on Earth Art offers a variety of art prints and cartoneria hearts for purchase.
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