About Life on Earth Art

Unite. Create. Heal. Chaos and overwhelm are the handmaidens of transformation. We need each other. To build a better world, we must come into community and heal personal and collective trauma through dialogue and creative expression.

Life on Earth Art brings together multi-media artists, social activists, community groups, and art therapists to co-create art for large-scale installations, protests, and public rituals to ignite societal healing and change.

Artist Tracy Ferron founded Life on Earth Art to explore how the transformative power of art can help heal personal and collective trauma. By bringing people together to explore and raise awareness about injustices, Tracy aims to amplify relatedness, compassion, and healing. Tracy works with the iconography of Winged Hearts and cages to examine imprisonment and liberation in our society and to ask the questions, “What spells are we under in our culture that propagate hierarchy, caste, division and inhumanity? How can we break them?” With her Breaking the Spell art series, Tracy created three large cage installations to tour: The Spell, Spellbound and Unbound. Her work has been featured at the Museum of Sonoma County, two installations highlighting particular topics of social injustice: the medical experimentation on 1000 children with cerebral palsy at a California mental hospital in the 1950s (Los Olvidados Liberados: The Forgotten Ones Set Free, 2018) and a tribute to human rights and over 500 human and earth rights defenders murdered around the globe, 2018-2019 (At the Heart of it All: Righting the World, 2019).

Life on Earth Art is proudly sponsored by Petaluma People Services Center, a 501c3-non-profit organization that serves vulnerable populations from youth to seniors (Federal Tax ID: 94-2271299). For more information about PPSC, see www.petalumapeople.org.

Life on Earth Art collaborates with diverse artists and non-profit groups to co-create catalytic artivist actions. Two of Life on Earth Art’s recent actions include a march and protest for the rights of the incarcerated at San Quentin Prison with California Prison Focus and No Justice Under Capitalism and an interactive installation at the Sacramento Women’s Voting Rights March and Rally.

Tracy received her Master’s Degree in Engaged Humanities from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Tracy’s interests in social change and storytelling are informed by her two severely mentally ill brothers and her studies of cultural history and film at the University of California, at Berkeley and New York University.  Tracy received a Fulbright Scholar Fellowship to Berlin.

Tracy has presented at Burning Man (2014), the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies Conference in Washington D.C. (2017), Google (2018), Museum of Sonoma County (2018, 2019) and the Northern California Art Therapy Association (2020).

For more information, contact her at Tracy@LifeOnEarthArt.com.

Interviews, Features, and Publications
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Creative Team
Tracy Ferron—Artist and Executive Producer
Mark Ferron—Executive Producer
Cathy Maley—Producer
Deb Rodman—Non-Profit Consultant
Mike Maley—Technical Director
Josh Livingston—Technical Design Artist
Timothy Taylor—Technical Design Artist
Kamela Portugues-Robbins—3D Sculpture Artist
Alastair Ferron—Designer and Technician
Mitra Cline—Graphic Artist - Digital Media Consultant
Anet Hershey—Still Photographer
David Tanaka—Editor
Ruben Guzman—Artist
Carol Burbank—
Creative Consultant Writer
Will Katzman—Scenic Artist
Kestrel Montes—Calligrapher