Life on Earth Art unites people from diverse communities to co-create
handmade large scale interactive art as a platform for global healing.

Life On Earth Art is

an Invitation… to gather, share stories, and make art.
a Celebration… of the work we do not only to heal ourselves, but also each other, and the planet.
a Declaration… that, collectively, we can dream bigger dreams and create greater good when we dare to fly.
an Improvisation… of movement, sound, touch, sight, smell and intuition.
an Investigation… into the potential that can be unleashed—and the invention that can be unlocked—through art.
a Manifestation… for a global vision of acceptance, expression, and unity.

Life On Earth Art inspires healing and transformation through art. Because we know Life On Earth is Art.

Life On Earth Art leverages and integrates community collaboration, custom curricula, and radical inclusion to bring its experiences/installations to life.

Community Collaboration

Life On Earth Art welcomes community participation in the spirit of “we gather, we share stories, and we make art.” Community members become collaborators and guest artists whose work, stories, and personal transformations become powerful additions to the total energy of every large-scale experience.

Custom Curricula

Life On Earth Art offers custom educational programs for kids of all ages, organizations, other non-profits, and even corporations to learn about the healing power of art. These multi-day programs are designed to offer organizations and their members the opportunity to discover their inner artist, as well as become part of something bigger than themselves.

Radical Inclusion

Life On Earth Art is driven by the Radical Inclusion of the often invisible and forgotten communities on which our large scale experiences seek to shine light. Our projects not only are created for these groups, but also because these groups, like the patients at DSH-Napa, are contributing artists to the works. They paint. They sing. They share stories. And they lead the conversations and the injustices we seek to change.

Get Involved



Life On Earth Art partnered with DSH-Napa to transform a large hall into an evocative space of healing and creativity through the creation and installation of UNBOUND, which features nearly 1,000 large papier mâché Winged Hearts. The project is led by 70 therapists for 1,200 patients, and is supported by hundreds of community members.


We will help communities REBOUND from tragedy by partnering with local organizations to activate temporary satellite studios to offer community artmaking and create healing installations of half-hearts and stories. We imagine REBOUND becoming as integral to helping communities heal trauma after tragedy as an organization like The Red Cross.


We will activate a “Street Fleet” of Winged Hearts to support civic protest and peaceful engagement around society’s most pressing issues. We have already deployed Winged Hearts to the Women’s March in Sacramento, have gathered outside of San Quentin, and will be participating in the 2022 SF Pride Parade. We can imagine being called to deploy hundreds of Winged Hearts at the southern border, or on the steps of the Supreme Court.

About Tracy Ferron

Artist Tracy Ferron founded Life on Earth Art to dare imagine a healed world and explore how the transformative power of art can inspire connection, engender unity, and cultivate individual transformation to foster global conversation and change. 

By bringing people together to explore and raise awareness about injustices, Tracy aimed to amplify relatedness, compassion, and healing. She began working with the iconography of Winged Hearts and cages to examine imprisonment and liberation in our society and to ask the questions, “What spells are we under in our culture that propagate hierarchy, caste, division and inhumanity? How can we break them?” 

Her work has been featured at the Museum of Sonoma County, two installations highlighting particular topics of social injustice: the medical experimentation on 1000 children with cerebral palsy at a California mental hospital in the 1950s (Los Olvidados Liberados: The Forgotten Ones Set Free, 2018) and a tribute to human rights and over 500 human and earth rights defenders murdered around the globe, 2018-2019 (At the Heart of it All: Righting the World, 2019).

Life on Earth Art also collaborates with diverse artists and non-profit groups to co-create catalytic artivist actions. Two of Life on Earth Art’s recent actions include a march and protest for the rights of the incarcerated at San Quentin Prison with California Prison Focus and No Justice Under Capitalism and an interactive installation at the Sacramento Women’s Voting Rights March and Rally.

Tracy received her Master’s Degree in Engaged Humanities from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Tracy’s interests in social change and storytelling are informed by her two severely mentally ill brothers and her studies of cultural history and film at the University of California, at Berkeley and New York University. Tracy received a Fulbright Scholar Fellowship to Berlin. She has presented at Burning Man (2014), the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies Conference in Washington D.C. (2017), Google (2018), Museum of Sonoma County (2018, 2019) and the Northern California Art Therapy Association (2020).